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Gloves made of nitrile score points for their good wearing comfort and are often used as an alternative to latex gloves, as they do not contain any latex proteins that cause allergies. Nitrile gloves are extremely stretchy, tear-resistant and resistant to chemicals, but are also permeable to some solvents such as acetone. Nitrile protective gloves can also be put on and taken off easily without powder due to their smooth inner surfaces. Due to their high impermeability to viruses, they are used in all medical areas, often as examination gloves in quarantine stations or by rescue services.

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When working with examination gloves the protection of the user gains more and more of importance. Latex allergies in particular in the health sector a serious Problem. This makes it all the more important for Hospitals, laboratories and care providers, to meet this challenge proactively and increasingly on alternative investigation and Change protective gloves – without compromises in wearing comfort, safety or economic efficiency.

„Medcare Gloves“ therefore uses nitrile rubber, a synthetic material, which offers all the advantages of latex but not an allergenic effect like natural latex. In contrast to the also the vinyl used as an alternative, it is characterized by furthermore by particular resistance, such as against oils, fats, chemicals and viruses, and with stands even high mechanical loads. Its versatile application possibilities make nitrile and thus the „Medcare Gloves“ nitrile range of examination and protective gloves the first choice for the future.

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AQL – Acceptable Quality Level.
Uncompromisingly qualified: Medical examination and Protective gloves from Medcare-Gloves

All products in the Medcare-Gloves nitrile range carry the CE mark in accordance with EU Directive 93/42 EWG about medical products and the CE mark according to the EU directive 89/686/EWG about personal

Protective equipment. To ensure our high-quality standards, a statistically determined proportion of our gloves are tested according to the EN 455 standard for AQL ≤1,5 (Acceptable Quality Level).

Due to our high-quality standards, the high demands on our production facilities and the permanent controls undercut gloves from Medcare-Gloves these norm requirements but by far. Thus we guarantee that only perfect goods leave our house and are delivered to you .

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