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High production capacity

We produce high-quality gloves, with extremely stable and strong production capacity.

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Research and development

With continuous improvement always in mind, we consistently work on creating new products that meet the rapidly shifting global market.

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Fast and stable delivery

We partner with the world’s leading logistics providers to ensure fast and stable delivery.

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Assured quality

Our gloves are compliant with worldwide harmonized standards and quality management systems such as FDA, ASTM, CE, and ISO.

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We understand our customer

We provide top products that meet our customers’ needs with the highest levels of customer care.

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Our products

NBR Nitrile Examination Gloves

Our main product Nitra Force was created in line with the demand for quality nitrile gloves, with ease of use and high levels of safety. MedCare Nitra Force nitrile examination gloves are designed for a variety of different functions and industries and provide maximum protection. The design of Nitra Force combines our specialized formula mixture and unique surface treatment to produce resilient gloves with a smooth surface that provide maximum stretch, comfort, and protection to its end-user against bacteria, viruses, and typical hazards.

Disposable PE Gloves

Starting with the production line for NBR Nitrile examination gloves, we have in turn launched products with increasingly advanced technology. We are now proud to introduce our new product, EcoCare, brought by the integration of modern technology and innovative solutions. EcoCare gloves are photodegradable PE gloves, crafted to deliver an eco-friendly solution for the future of gloves.





We are all over the world

The MedCare brand is widely expanding in a number of countries and continents. We are now providing gloves of established quality to organizations in numerous countries across Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Latin America.

Jacob Weber
Jacob Weber
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I have been involved in various transactions with Medcare and have been shipping Nitra Force Examination gloves to Germany, Italy, and Spain. Medcare team has always provided exceptional service at any point of the whole process as well as support with the buyers. It is a great pleasure for me to deal with Medcare team.

We care

Caring is how we do business. We not only care for our employees, our stakeholders, and our customers, but also for our communities, and environment.

We work on creating positive impacts to all by putting great initiative of designing sustainable products with the end in mind, which are right for our customers and the environment.

In the past year, we have been actively providing back to our communities around the world in times of need, we have donated thousands of Medcare gloves to governmental organizations. We consistently organize charities and donations to different organizations in need of medical supplies around us.