Unauthorized Products

Dear Customers, please be informed that this product below is unauthorized Medcare production. Unjustifiably used Medcare name, logo, brand, and related documents. All „ProtectU Medcare“ products are not authorized products, therefore Global Tooling Service is not responsible for any deficiencies.

Last Update: 07/28/2021

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that unauthorized products labeled under Medcare brand, packed in Medcare boxes were imported to Finland and probably also other EU markets. These products are manufactured by Qingdao Zhisheng United Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed by its owner 李利杰 LI LI JIE.

Another unauthorized Medcare products (approximately 1.000.000 boxes) were imported to the European market and probably also other markets. These products are supplied to the market by the company Europe Asia Industrial HK Limited, 12 Hartcourt Road, Central, Hongkong and sold to customers by the company EDMA Group LLC, 6045 LA Jolla Scenic Dr S, San Diego CA 92037. These products are manufactured by AnHui ABeiXiong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed in cooperation with the company Anhui Huishang International Development Co., Ltd.

Please note, that the products manufactured and sold by above-mentioned companies are not authorized products manufactured and produced under the Global Tooling Service Medcare Gloves brand. Global Tooling Service is therefore not responsible for any deficiencies in these products.

Last Update: 07/15/2021

We strongly encourage you to check with us the authorization of the products you are purchasing.

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