Disposable PE Gloves


We are aware of the impact the glove industry has on the world, and we want our impact to be as positive as possible. We put great value into designing the future of gloves and our products in a way that is more sustainable and responsible. We created EcoCare, a beautiful, sustainable, and ethical product that is right for our end users and our environment.

  • Gloves are created from a special mixture of Polyethylene (PE) with Calcium Carbonate, at a rate of 75%/25%
  • The mixture alters the chemical composition and behavior of the raw material, into the photodegradable component. 
  • After 3-4 months in nature and direct exposure to UV light, the gloves start to break and become fragile. 
  • After 8-12 months under these conditions, gloves come back to dust, only calcium carbonate remains (a natural earth component).

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